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Twelfth Chapter



ean leaned across the gearstick and kissed Holly deeply and for a long time.  She kissed back.  Only their lips were involved in the kiss, but it was real and sincere for all that.  It’s just difficult to kiss in bucket seats.

“Better now?” asked Dean.

“Better now,” she replied.

It was Sunday afternoon.  They had spent a delightful night at Holy’s place, outside by the pool which they had cleaned as the sun went down behind the thick trees on the West side of Holly’s yard.  They had skimmed off the leaves there and switched on the pool filter.  This had chugged to life and then settled down to cleaning the water, eagerly drinking in the water and squirting out clean water back into the pool   The pool had a long tube attached to it which worked like a vacuum cleaner and Dean had run the end of this across the bottom of the pool while Holly had brought out some steaks and set to barbecuing them.  Dean was not one of those types of men who valued barbecuing as a statement of his masculinity.  If Holly was a better cook and this was a hundred and fifty per cent likely, the sensible thing to do was let her cook.  She wanted the activity, anyway.  She made a simple salad to go with the meat and brought out a light pinot noir to go with it.  The red wine had the slight chill of good cellaring, but Dean didn’t catch the name or the vintage of it.  They had half-reclined next to each other with the wine relaxing them both, Holly certainly needing it.  As the moon crossed the sky they went inside and made long luxurious love in Holly’s bed.  They both woke early and went out, both naked, and swam in the cool clear water of the pool.  The swim was as bracing as the lovemaking had been vital.  They had had two more each of the tall green drinks which Holly called ‘gimlets’.  Then at around ten o’clock, which Dean thought of as tea break, the time they’d first met, Holly had driven Dean back to his place in Blackburn.  They had hardly spoken on the trip.  Everything Dean wanted to say and Holly needed to say head been said last night and confirmed that morning as the cool slowly stirring water washed over their bodies.  Now their kiss broke in the hot cedar-scented confines of Holly’s car.  They were silent.  It wasn’t quite saying goodbye.

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